A one day conference on how insurers can adapt to highly automated vehicle technologies and the growth of mobility-as-a-service

London 1 February

Francois Guichard

UN Secretary Vehicle Active Safety- Focal Point ITS/Automated Driving, United Nations (UNECE) [tbc]

Francois is the ITS / Automated Driving focal point of the United Nations (UNECE) and the UN Secretary of the Vehicle Active Safety Forum regulating, among others, the construction of wheeled vehicles, their systems and parts (WP.29/GRRF).

His current responsibilities include executive management of the UN Task Force on Cyber Security and OTA issues.

Previously he worked as line manager at Daimler AG where he advocated for the introduction of Advance Emergency Braking Systems in the legislation (a relevant contribution for increasing road safety) and gained industry experience in vehicle automation. He has also advised a number of countries on their strategies to tackle transport-related environmental issues.

He started his carrier as a testing engineer and member of the International Management Associate Program, having graduated with a Master of Science in 2004 from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany and ENSAM Paris Tech, France.