A one day conference on how insurers can adapt to highly automated vehicle technologies and the growth of mobility-as-a-service

London 1 February

Thomas Hallauer

Research & Marketing Director, PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

Thomas Hallauer has gained 15 years of strategy, research and marketing experience in the domain of telematics and location-based services from companies such as Admiral, DriveFactor, Liberty Mutual, Michelin, Mobile Devices, Octo Telematics and Wunelli.

He is expert at highlighting new trends, unearthing profitable niches and marketing new products and services notably in the automotive, motor insurance, LBS, navigation and positioning industries.

Before PTOLEMUS, Thomas held management responsibilities with Mobile Devices, a leading provider of telematics technology platform and devices and with FC Business Intelligence (Telematics Update).

Thomas is the lead author of the ETC Global Study, the most thorough review of the Electronic Toll Collection and Road Charging market published in May 2015.

Thomas reviewed and published the forthcoming Connected Insurance Analytics Report. He also co-wrote the 2016 UBI Global Study, interviewing dozens of companies such as AAA, Admiral, Ageas, Allianz, Liberty Mutual, Mapfre USA and Zurich; and telematics suppliers such as Danlaw, DriveFactor, Geotab, Himex, IMS, The Floow and Verizon Telematics.